A L’Accès Dentaire514 485-3999514 485-8580Dentistry330
A1 Chinese Clinic514 488-2095514 488-2095Acupuncture360
Cardiotronics Inc.514 932-1702514 933-8739Heart Monitoring Services660
Clinique chronikErgo514 512-8410Ergo therapy425n
Clinique Dentaire R.O.514 481-0260514 481-4222Dentistry525
Dental Ceramic Studio514 489-0479Dental Laboratory310
Fischer, Associate514 489-0075514 489-5951Chartered Accountants205
Friedman James & Ass. Inc.514 489-7707514 489-5951Insurance Broker205
Fulford Consulting Serv.514 484-5442Dentistry540
Dynacare Medical Lab514 482-5521514 482-4172Laboratories440
Jojo Coiffure514 482-9999Hair dressers405
Lab E. P.514 924-2357Dental Laboratory245
Pavel Prosthetics514 485-5945Dental Laboratory432
Centre Dentaire Pédiatrique514 484-4537438 385-9969Dentistry260
Pharmacy Pearson & Cohen514 484-2222514 484-2205Pharmacy102
Physio Westmount514 489-5331514 489-5332Physiotherapy100
Salon Coiffure M.A.514 489-2261Hair dressers405
Salon Gap514 369-2844Hair dressers405
St-Catherine Medical Group514 932-6122514 933-8739Medecine660
Tri-Computing Canada Inc.514 484-5442Computers545
UC Baby514 746-5283Ultrasound425w
Vivacité514 817-7654Massage therapy435
Zoreh Esthetique514 690-0706Beauty Salon405
Acre, Dr. Yael514 932-6122514 933-8739Family Medicine660
Albert, Viviane514 932-6122514 933-8739Medical Nutritionnist660
Barza, L. Susan514 932-6122514 933-8739Psychology660
Benalloun, Isaac514 940-0555514 904-1425Podiatrist400
Black, Dr. Barbara514 482-6465514 482-3380Family Medicine225
Blomfield, Dr. John514 485-8888514 485-6307Prosthodontist460
Chan, Dr J514 481-0260514 481-4222Dentistry525
Coffey, Dr. Alan J. H.514 489-4648514 489-6251Ophtalmology250
Di Giovanni, Roberto514 489-5331514 489-5332Physiotherapist100
Dias, Anna R.514 488-2095514 488-2095Naturopathy & Reflexology360
Dobrinski, Dr. Jessica514 485-8888514 485-6307Dentistry460
Dorfman, Dr. Sheldon514 482-6743514 482-8765Orthodontics230
Dova KamyNaturopathy261
Elstein, Dr. Eleanor514 932-6122514 933-8739Cardiology660
Eu, Dr. Hui Young514 933-4461514 933-8355Dentistry605
Felgar, Dr. Arthur514 484-4537438 385-9969Dentistry260
Fischer, Stephen514 489-0075514 489-5951Accounting205
Friedman, James514 489-7707514 489-5951Insurance Broker205
Geoffrion, Dr. Geneviève A.514 935-9955514 935-7838Dermatology320
Girard, Dr. Sylvie514 939-2631Psychiatry and Pyschanalysis630
Gore, Dr. Brian514 932-6122514 933-8739Family Medicine660
Gravel, Dr. Anne Marie514 482-6465514 482-3380Dermatology225
Greenberg, Dr. Michael514 932-6122514 933-8739Family Medicine660
Greenspoon, Dre Jaime514 484-4537438 385-9969Dentistry260
Hamilton, Dr D.514 481-0260514 481-4222Dentistry525
Ichikawa, Fumio514 489-0479Dental Lab: Crown310
Iskandar, Dr. Hani514 482-0554514 888-4052Psychiatry660
Johansson, Dr. Dawn A.514 489-4575514 486-3741Obstetrics / Gynecology640
Johansson, Dr. Patricia. L514 489-4575514 486-3741Family Medecine640
Jonczy, Dorota514 488-2095514 488-2095Beauty Salon360
Kennedy, Dr. Michael S.514 484-5442514 489-5377Dentistry540
Khalil NabilOsteopathy640w
Lieberman, Dr. Lori514 484-4537438 385-9969Dentistry260
Macdonnell, Dr. B.Jean514 938-4975514 938-4772Family Medecine345
Maiolo, Dr. Giuseppe514 485-3833514 485-8523Family Medecine340
Matthew, Dr. David R.514 481-5277514 481-4222Dentistry525
Michelakis, Dr. Maria514 485-8888514 485-6307Dentistry460
Miller, Dr. Robert514 485-8888514 485-6307Dentistry460
Morelli, Dr. Gaetano514 938-3810514 938-4894Gastroenterology450
Morris, Dr. Brian514 485-1333514 485-8509Urology455
Muzik, Tania514 932-6122514 933-8739Psychology660
Myles, Dr. Virginia514 932-6122514 933-8739Family Medecine660
Nattel, Dr. Celia514 489-4014514 489-1955Family Medecine415
Nguyen, Dr. C. Nghiem514 932-6122514 933-8739Family Medecine660
Olteanu, Dr. Radu514 481-0260514 481-4222Dentistry525
Patel, Dr. Jitesh514 485-8888514 485-6307D.D.S.460
Pizem, Dr. Pierre514 485-3999514 485-8580Dentistry330
Reuveni, Dr. Vanessa514 484-4537438 385-9969Dentistry260
Rona, Dr. Mary514 488-5782514 488-0992Family Medecine615
Ross, Dr. Shana514 945-2953Psychology635
Rossy, Dr. Paul450 691-0061514 489-0990Pediatrics565
Rothstein, Dr. Jack514 481-0033O.R.L.555
Rozencwaig, Dr. Roman R.514 487-0439514 487-0267Family Medecine355
Sabatino, Rosie514 817-7654Massage Therapy435
Scalia, Dr J.514 482-6743514 482-8765Orthodontics
Skamene, Dr. Emil514 932-6122514 933-8739Allergology660
Tataryn, Dr. Donna514 488-4582514 488-5268Surgery455
Tikasz, Dr. Dorottya438 351-9111Family Medecine425
Toomey, Rekha514 489-5331514 489-5332Physiotherapist100
Tse, Dr. Quinbert514 989-1632514 989-1837Dentistry605
Tsonis, George514 489-5331514 489-5332Physiotherapist100
Veizel, Magda514 983-8575Psychology350
Wasser, Dr. Pnina514 489-4014514 489-1955Family Medecine415
Wexler, Dr. Abraham B.514 481-2315514 481-4222Dentistry525
Yuan, Yi Ding514 488-2095514 488-2095Acupuncture360


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